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Finding a Needle in a Haystack
Growth through acquisition can be a very opportunistic strategy to take advantage of a depressed market. If implemented correctly, it can lead to an increase in market share, profits, as well as competitive advantage... Read more




Steve Friswold
Steve Friswold

Steve Friswold (Partner) has been a partner at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), President of a Sporting Goods Manufacturer, CEO of a Healthcare Internet Company and General Manager of a large automotive distribution business.

Mr. Friswold helped build BCG's Scandinavian practice while living in Stockholm, Sweden from 1990 to 1997. Having worked for a number of global companies throughout Europe and the United States, he has gained experience in business creation, strategy development, operational effectiveness, sales, marketing and finance across a broad range of industries. As an owner and operator of several companies, he has grown businesses, built organizations and developed strategies to increase profitability.

Mr. Friswold’s experience spans a broad range of industries including wholesale and retail distribution, technology, healthcare, industrial goods, financial services, and consumer goods. He has worked globally with fortune 500 companies as well as small, regional companies.

He obtained his BA in Economics and Psychology from St. Olaf College and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.