Bruce Senske

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Bruce Senske
Bruce Senske

Bruce Senske (Partner) has been CEO and CFO of several public and private companies, a former banker, and owner/operator of several businesses.

Mr. Senske served as Chairman and CEO of U-Ship, Inc. (a public company) for five years. He was also Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Product Planning for a software development division of Pitney Bowes and CFO and General Manager for an office furniture business. He had an eight-year career with First Bank Systems (now US Bank), where he was Senior Vice President in charge of commercial lending for four cities in the Minneapolis metro area. Over the last five years, he has run an automotive distribution business and negotiated several acquisitions and divestitures to improve performance.

Mr. Senske has bought and sold many companies and been personally responsible for identifying acquisition candidates, negotiating deal structures and spearheading the purchase or sale of several companies on behalf of clients and for himself personally.

Mr. Senske has completed numerous financial transactions including an IPO, several PIPES, private placements, subordinated debt placements, senior bank line negotiations and leveraged buyouts.  Mr. Senske has served on the Board of Directors of eight companies, both public and private.

Mr. Senske has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Mathematics from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and he participated in the Master's Forum at the University of Minnesota.