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Buy-Side Acquisition Advisory

May I Have this Dance?
Organic growth is typically viewed as a safer bet than growth through acquisitions. The parameters are well understood; the competitive landscape, the products being offered, price points, barriers and how one measures success. But frequently, rapid growth is a necessity..Read more


Merger and Acquisition Advisory

Mergers and acquisitions are valuable options for growth in a tough economy and critical to consider when organic growth is difficult to attain. Growth through M&A should consistently be a consideration within any strategic business development plan.

However, identifying potential sellers and preparing a well-structured transaction can be a taxing and time-consuming task. We recognize the difficulties in navigating the complexities of the acquisition process and realize the importance of keeping the option on the table without overburdening your management team. We have advised companies through both the front end task of an Acquisition Search, as well as the integration of the two companies into one, yielding results that have positively affected the bottom line and shareholder return.

Genoa serves clients at various stages of a merger or acquisition. We work with management to develop the proper steps to take when developing an acquisition strategy. We know that acquisitions happen in many stages. Whether your company has already selected a target for pursuit or interested in a ground-up search, Genoa can guide your acquisition process.

After the search and transaction are finalized, we also serve clients by managing the Post Merger Integration (PMI). This can often be a challenging piece for the acquiring company. Many times, synergies are identified as a result of a merger but never realized. Genoa can manage the post merger integration process and help step you through the different phases to alleviate the common pains of PMI: