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The CAMMI Diagnostic™ is an online engine designed to quickly capture an organization’s needs using the Capability Alignment Maturity Model & Index (CAMMI). Whether an individual leader, or broad leadership team, the Diagnostic drives a comprehensive business understanding..Learn More


CAMMI Diagnostic Tool

Not only is it important for an organization to have a clear strategic plan in place, but it is equally important that each member of the organization understands what role he or she plays CAMMI Diagnosticfor the company to succeed in its strategy. Genoa has been working with organizations in the area of strategic planning for the past 10 years, and understands the importance of alignment in an organization.

The CAMMI Diagnostic™ (Capability Alignment Maturity Model and Index) is a diagnostic and analytical tool used to measure your organization's capabilities based on detailed employee feedback. The diagnostic records responses from employees to determine, on a relative scale, how aligned the organization is with its strategy. Based on this feedback, the tool is also able to provide insight into how your organization compares to other organizations using an alignment maturity index.

The diagnostic tool measures your organization's strategic alignment over 4 Foundational Competencies:

These 4 Foundational Competencies are measured over 8 critical dimensions beginning with Strategic Leadership and ending with Market Innovation. After the test is administered, Genoa is then able to hone in on areas of mis-alignment in the organization and develop recommended solutions that lead to a clear and communicated strategy, focused on achieving specific strategic goals.

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