The Genoa Sail


The genoa is the lead jib (sail) that is at the front of a racing yacht, driving directly against the wind, setting the direction, speed and motion as it races toward its ultimate destination

GENOA BUSINESS ADVISORS help set the strategic direction and speed of implementation, just as the genoa sail sets the direction and speed of a sailing yacht.


Speed and Direction

With strategic growth always at the forefront, GENOA BUSINESS ADVISORS is a management advisory firm that expands management's expertise on a short-term, periodic and specialized basis in the areas of Strategy, Finance, Profit Enhancement, Organizational Development and Acquisition Advisory. We deliver change that client firms desire, whether that change moves the client from a negative situation to a better one or takes a strong company to "the next level." In either case, we apply a fact based approach to arrive at positive and sustainable outcomes for our clients.

Genoa works side-by-side with management and boards to identify and execute initiatives to increase shareholder value. Involvement with our clients can be at several levels depending on the client need. Genoa can:

We achieve results by combining our diverse business skills and extensive experience as senior advisors, former business owners, CEOs and CFOs at both private and publicly held companies. Therefore, in addition to being seasoned consultants skilled at delivering strategy and analysis, our hands-on operating experience allows us to be adept at execution and leadership.

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